F1.4 1/3" CS Mount 2.8-12mm DC Auto IRIS Manual Zoom CCTV Lens for Cameras

F1.4 1/3 CS Mount 2.8-12mm DC Auto IRIS Manual Zoom CCTV Lens for Cameras<br><br>Aliexpress


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F1.4 1/3 Inch Cs Mount 2.8 12mm Dc Auto Iris Manual Zoom Lens . F1.4 1/3 inch CS Mount 2.8-12mm DC Auto IRIS Manual Zoom Lens Support .
Security F1.2 1/2 inch CS Mount Fix IRIS 25mm Security CCTV Camera Lens.uxcell® 2.8mm-12mm 1/3" Format F1.4 Aperture CS Mount Auto Iris . uxcell® 2.8mm-12mm 1/3" Format F1.4 Aperture CS Mount Auto Iris CCTV
Camera Lens Product Name : CCTV Lens;Iris Type : DC-Auto Iris;CCD Format :
1/3"; Focal Length 6-15mm 1/3" F1.4 CS Mount Varifocal CCTV Manual Lens
uxcell® Board 8mm 43 Degree Angle CCTV Security Camera lens for 1/3" CCD.CS-Mount Camera Lens 2.8-12MM (Manual Zoom/Auto IRIS). CS-Mount CCTV Camera Zoom Lens, Manual adjustable focal Zoom length of
2.8 1/3" image format; 2.8-12mm vari-focal lens; Auto iris (DC); F1.4; CS mount
Fujinon CCTV Lenses // Machine Vision & Video Security Lenses . Various mid-range and long-range "broadcast quality" motorized zoom lens
models DF6HA-1B, Fujinon 1/2" 6mm F1.2 Manual Iris C-Mount Lens, 1.5
Megapixel . 4mm F2.2 Manual Focus & Iris C-Mount Lens for 3-CCD and 3-
CMOS HD Camera, . Fujinon 1/3" 2.8-12mm F1.4 DC Auto-Iris Vari-Focal CS-
Mount Lens, Tamron Lenses // CCTV Lenses for Machine Vision & Video Security . Fixed Focal Length | Vari-Focal | Motorized Zoom | Photographic Lenses 12
Megapixel Rated For Machine Vision (Designed For Camera Sensors Down To
3.1 M111FM08, Tamron 1.1" 8mm F1.8 Manual Iris C-Mount, 12 Megapixel
Rated . 13FG28IR-SQ, Tamron 2.8mm F1.2 DC Auto-Iris CS-Mount w/ 4-pin
square CS Mount Lenses: C Mount Lenses Manufactured by SpaceCom. Fixed Focal(59) Manual Zoom(9) Mega Pixel- Motorized Zoom(1) Mega Model,
Type, Focal length, Format, Iris type, Mount, MOD, F number JHF12M-5MP,
Mega Pixel-Fixed Focal, 12mm, 2/3", Manual, C, 0.2m, F1.4. JHF12MK TF2.
8DC Compact, Fixed Focal, 2.8mm, 1/3", Auto DC, CS, 0.3m, F1.4 .. Cameras
Lenses.11ias - auto iris 3.5-8MM F1.4 CS mount CCTV camera lens . auto iris 3.5-8MM F1.4 CS mount CCTV camera lens secondhand used 95%
hd cctv camera lens 2.8-12mm varifocal ir hd security camera lens manual zoom
( 6060v ) F1.4 1/3 inch cs mount 3.5-8mm dc auto iris manual zoom cctv lens
for CCTV Lenses Catalog Ver. 1.5 - Fujifilm. large super zoom lenses suitable for long range surveillance, day and night
lenses, . YV2.8x2.8SA-SA2. 1 2/3 1/2 1/3 1/4. Applicable camera. (model). 2.8 ×
Zoom. Manual. Focus. Manual. Iris. Auto (DC type)*1. Angle of View. (H × V)
1:1.4/2.8-12m Vari-Focal Wide Angle DC Auto Iris CS Mount Metal Mount ND
Filter.2.8-12mm F1.4 CCTV Lens CS Mount Auto Iris 1/3" CCD For - eBay. 2.8-12mm HD 3MP CCTV Lens CS Mount F1.4 Manual IRIS Zoom IR. 2.8-12mm
HD 3MP Gargoyles CCTV Video Security Camera Lens 2.8-10mm F1.4 1/3".F1.4 1/3" CS Mount 2.8-12mm DC Auto IRIS Manual Zoom CCTV . Find More CCTV Accessories Information about F1.4 1/3" CS Mount 2.8 12mm
DC Auto IRIS Manual Zoom CCTV Lens for Cameras,High Quality lens fresnel Image results for F1.4 1/3" CS Mount 2.8-12mm DC Auto IRIS Manual Zoom CCTV Lens for Cameras.
Lenses - CCTV Hardware - Q Security Systems. Fujifimlm 2.8-8mm DC Auto Iris CS mount lens with Manual Focus / zoom. YV2.
8x2.8SA- Computar 1/3" 2.8-12mm F1.3 D/N Auto Iris CS-mount Lens
Navitar Adaptor Camera Lens 2.0X FUJIFILM 2.8-12mm F1.4 DC A/I Manual
FZ ASP.SVL2812ZDTVT - Auto Iris Varifocal 2.8-12mm F1.4 CS Mount Lens. CentralAlarmSystems provides factory direct CCTV surveillance & home security
products for your More products in: Varifocal Zoom Lens Auto Iris Fixed Focal
2.8mm F1.3 CS Mount Lens, DC Drive Manual Iris Varifocal 6-15mm F1.2 1/3"
CS Mount Lens, SVL615MMVT Mace Vari-Focal Lens for CAM-93, LENS-M.Online Security Products Computar CCTV Security Camera Lenses. The Computar award winning range of CCTV lenses, full range available.
Optics 1/3" 2.8-12mm f1.3 Varifocal, Manual Iris (CS Mount) Day/Night IR
Computar . 1/3" 2.3mm f1.4 DC Auto Iris w/4-pin mini connector long cable (CS
Mount) Auto .. Computar H60Z1238A 1/2" C mount 60:1 Zoom 12.5-750mm F3.
8mm Thru Megapixel lenses for CCTV security vision, Goyo Optical Inc.. Goyooptical supply 1/3inch, and 1/2inch format cctv megapixel lens. Lenses; 1/
1.8" Megapixel Day&Night Lenses; Megapixel Manual zoom Lens 1/3"
Megapixel lenses Specifications -47.1 °x35.4°, 0.3m, Ø45x60x55, 75g, CS,
Aspherical, DC-Drive, Auto Iris GA3MPDN128120BS4, 2.8-12mm, F1.4-360,
25°x18.8°Security Camera Lenses | CCTV Camera Lens | Vari-focal. 2.8 - 12mm varifocal length; 1/3" Image Format; 98.5° - 23.8° Horizontal Angle of
View; DC Driver LPRO-6-60mm-Auto-Iris Vari-Focal CCTV Camera Lens, Auto
Iris, CS Mount Angle of View; DC Manual Iris; CS Mount; F1.4~360 Aperture;
Dimensions: 33x45mm LPRO-6-60mm Motorized Vari-focal CCTV Zoom Lens.CCTV Lens: Home Surveillance | eBay. C-Mount 25mm f1.4 CCTV Security Camera Lens Bundle w/90-degree
Fujinon CCTV/ CCD Lens YF4A-2 1:1.2/4 New CS Mount 4mm Fixed Manual
Iris . Tamron CCTV Lens 2.8-12mm f/1.4 1/3" CS TV Lens C Mount Made in
Japan.Discontinued: Products: Computar. Zoom Lens Controller 3 Megapixel, 1/2" 4.5-13.2mm F1.8 Varifocal, Manual Iris
(CS Mount) 1/2" 12mm f0.8 Aspherical, DC Auto Iris w/ 4-pin mini connector
long cable (CS Mount) 1/3" 2.8-6mm f1.4 Varifocal, Video Auto Iris (CS Mount)
. Board and Fisheye Lenses · Specialty Lenses and Cameras · Lens
Accessories.Free shipping 5-50mm CCTV camera lens F1.4 1/3", auto iris . 50mm CCTV camera lens F1.4 1/3", auto iris manual zoom lens, vga cctv cs
mount lens,High Quality 2.8-12mm DC-Iris F1.4 CCTV LENS for ip cameras,
1.3.1/3 in. Lenses - Audio Video Supply | Cameras | Lenses | Cabling . 208 items The Tamron 13VG1040ASIRSQ is a 1/3" IR vari-focal lens with auto-iris Iris
Range, F/1.4 - 360 Mount Type, CS 1/3: Wide - 13.6° x 10.2°/Tele - 2.8° x 2.1
°1/4 : Wide - 10.2° x 7.6°/Tele The Tamron 13VG2812ASIISQ manual-iris
security camera lens is an . 1/3" Format 2.8-12mm Focal DC Auto Iris Lens.Honeywell BlackTM Lens - EPROAV.com. including mono focal fixed iris lens, vari-focal manual iris lens, vari-focal DC drive
iris lens, motorized zoom lens (2 motorized) and motorized zoom lens (3
Honeywell Auto Iris lenses are 1/3" format and are compatible with the The
camera controls the iris . 2.8-12mm DC drive iris, F1.4, CS mount, 1/3"format,1.6
MP.Lenses - Arecont Vision. Arecont 2.8-8.5mm, 1/3", f1.2 CS-mount, IR corrected, P-Iris, Motorized Zoom and
Focus (for use 3.3-11mm, 1/2.5, f1.4 CS-mount, IR corrected, DC Auto Iris.CCTV Varifocal Zoom Lens - Security Cameras. Auto Iris Varifocal 2.8-12mm F1.4 CS Mount Lens, DC Drive . Manual Iris
Varifocal 3.5-8mm F1.4 1/3" CS Mount LensFeatures:CS Mount Varifocal Lens
Focal Security Cameras - Esentia Systems. 49 results Computar - 1/2" 4-8mm C Mount Lens Varifocal Auto-Iris F1.4, Megapixel.
Computar - 1/3" 2.8-12mm Varifocal Manual-Iris CCTV Lens ,Day/Night IR
Computar - 1/3" 5.7-34.2mm Manual Zoom Lens F1.0 Auto-Iris DC (CS Mount).cctv camera lens - Digital Direct Security. CS-mount. We stock vari-focal, DC Auto-iris and manual iris lens. LEN-MF4. -
Aperature F1.6 - 1/3" CS mount - Fixed Iris - Manual Focus Zoom - Available in F1.4 1/3 inch CS Mount 2.8-12mm DC Auto IRIS Manual Zoom Lens . This is F1.4 1/3 inch CS Mount 2.8-12mm DC Auto IRIS Manual Zoom Lens for
CCTV Camera, with perfect design. Compact size and fashion design. Zoom zoom lens cs mount | eBay. CCTV Security Camera 5-50mm Varifocal Lens Manual zoom CS Mount Lens
View 5-60mm F1.6 CS Cine TV CCTV Mount TV 1/3" Zoom Lens 4 Pin - Made In
Japan F1.6 1/3 inch CS Mount 5.0-100mm DC Auto IRIS Manual Zoom CCTV
Lens 2.8-12mm HD 3MP CCTV Lens CS Mount F1.4 Manual IRIS Zoom IR For
1/3" Varifocal Auto Iris Lenses (Direct Drive) - Isourcecctv. Results 1 - 15 of 15 1/3" Varifocal Auto Iris security camera Lenses (Direct Drive), isourcecctv.com
877-719-2288. All cameras we sell use direct drive (DC) lenses. 4X 2.8mm ~
12mm F1.3 Day & Night for 1/3 type Cameras, Vari-focal Auto Iris DC Drive
auto iris (direct drive), manual focus and zoom, f1.4-360, CS-mount F1.4 CS Mount 2.8-12mm Auto-IRIS DC Varifocal CCTV Lens for . F1.4 CS Mount 2.8-12mm Auto-IRIS DC Varifocal CCTV Lens for Security 1.4 1
/3 inch CS Mount 2.8-12mm Vari-focal Lens for CCTV Camera, DC Manual F1.
4 1/3 inch M12x0.5 Mount 4.0~9mm Manual Zoom IR Lens For Board Camera.Vanxse® 1/3" Auto-iris Varifocal Lens Cs-mount Dc Drive for Cctv . 2.8-12mm varifocal Lens. £20.50. 3.5-8mm varifocal Lens. £18.90. 1/3 Inch
Format DC Drive; 3.5-8mm Varifocal Lens; Auto Iris F1.4 Varifocal Lens; CS
Mount Type For CCTV sourcingmap® 6-15mm 1/3" F1.4 CS Mount Varifocal
VARIFOCAL ZOOMNew Megapixel CCTV Lens TG4Z2816FCS-MPIR. for 1/2 type camera, Motorized Zoom C-Mount with 2X 4X 2.8-12mm F1.6 for 1/
3 type Mega pixel Cameras CS-Mount TG4Z2816FCS-MPIR Vari-focal Auto Iris
DC Drive H5Z2518C-MP Vari-focal Manual Iris 4X 12.5-50mm F1.4 IR Day &
Esquire Technologies - CCTV (Camera Lenses). Items 1 - 14 of 23 Intellinet 1/3" CS MOUNT 2.8mm - 12mm Vari-Focal Lens F1.4 - Field of View: 92
- 24 deg Max apeture ratio: 1:1.4 Manual zoom, focus, iris, Rainbow Lenses - Images. 2.8~6.4mm F1.4CS-Mount. Compatible with 1/3” & 1/4” Cameras. 0.8. 4 ø33
ø30 . Operation: Zoom: Manual. Focus: Manual. Iris: IG (Auto-Close System) ..
Vari-Focal. 1/2” DC Auto-Iris with 4-pin. L612VDC4P. Focal Length: 6~12mm.PENTAX A RICOH COMPANY line of CCTV lenses - ImageOps. MANUAL ZOOM & FOCUS WITH AUTO-IRIS LENSES (Video). » MOTORIZED
ZOOM C61232KP, 12mm F1.4-16 C-Mount, W/Locking Screw. 2/3 FORMAT.עדשות c mount ועדשות cs mount מאת חברת SpaceCom - אופטימיקס. אנו מציעים עדשות c mount , עדשות cs mount ועדשות אחרות המיוצרות על ידי חברת
SpaceCom . והעדשות של חברת SpaceCom תמצאו מצלמות CCTV, מצלמות מעקב (
surveillance cameras), Fixed Focal(59) Manual Zoom(9) Mega Pixel-
Motorized Zoom(1) Mega . TF2.8DC Compact, Fixed Focal, 2.8mm, 1/3", Auto
DC, CS, 0.3m, F1.4.CCTV & Machine Vision Lenses | B&H Photo Video. Items 1 - 24 of 797 Browse B&H for a vast selection of CCTV & Machine Vision Lenses from top
Marshall Electronics CS-Mount 2.8 to 12mm Auto Iris Varifocal Lens Tamron
12VM412ASIR 1/2" 4-12mm F/1.2 Infrared Manual C-Mount Lens . f/2.0 Fixed
Iris C-Mount Industrial Lens for 1/3-Inch Auto-Shutter Cameras.Auto iris 2.8-12mm varifocal lens for box type IP cameras - AICO lens. Sensor : CCD/CMOS. Focal Length : 2.8-12mm. Back Focal Length : 7.82-16.7
mm. Mount: 1-32UN-2A. Aperture (F) : 1.4-360. Iris : DC Auto lris. Image Size : 1/3
Auto Iris Camera Lens - Auto Iris Cam Lens Suppliers, Traders . Megapixel Monofocal Manual & DC Auto Iris Lenses 2/3" 12mm F2.4 5
Megapixel Ultra Low Distortion Lens (C Mount) M0824- we are providing a
high quality range of Fix Manual Auto Iris And Zoom Lenses. Auto IRIS CCTV
Lens CCD Type: 1/3 Aperture Range: F1.4 - 360 2.8 12mm Auto Iris Vari
Focal Lens.Manual and Auto Iris. compatibility with CCD type camera sensors. CCD sensors CCTV lenses are
designed in 1/3", 1/2", 2/3" and. 1" formats Motorized Zoom Lenses Auto Iris,
12mm, DC drive, f1.4 length - 37mm, CS mount Manual Iris, 2.8mm-6mm, f1.4.Kowa Lenses From Total Turnkey Solutions - Machine Vision Lenses. Kowa has introduced their new 1" format series of fixed focal manual iris
megapixel lenses. C-Mount lenses for 3-CCD cameras with focal lengths of
4mm, 6mm, 12mm, 25mm, and 50mm. 3. (50x) F3.5 Motorized Zoom & Focus w
/ DC Auto-Iris C-Mount Lens, Presets, . LM3PBR, 2.8mm F1.4 CS-Mount (Plastic
Mount).EverFocus EFV-2812DC Varifocal 2.8-12mm Auto Iris Lens. Items 1 - 20 of 41 1/3 Lens Format; 2.8-12mm Focal Length; F1.6 Aperture; DC auto iris Speco
VF2.8-12 2.8 to 12mm Varifocal Lens Manual Iris Range f/1.4; Compatibility CS
Mount Cameras; Product Type Zoom Lens Use With CCTV Traditional Style
Camera, CS Mount; Aperture Ratio f/1.4; Focal Length (mm) 2.8-12.lenses - Welcome to CCTVSTAR,. Inc. Ver 3. 15 Products Wholesale & Distributor of CCTV Surveillance Cameras, Digital Video Recording
System, 1/3Auto IRIS, Manual Vari-Focal, 2.8~12mm, F1.4, CS Mount. 1/3",
manual IRIS, vari-focal, zooming could be changed, 3.5mm lens to 8mm, F1.4,
CS Mount. 1/3", F1.2, Auto IRIS Lens, 8mm, DC Drive, CS Mount.Lens | CCTV camera lens - KingCCTV. CCTV Camera Lens SSV0286, 2.8-6mm 1/3 F1.4 manual zoom,CS Mount.
SSV0358, 3.5-8mm SSG1212NB, 12mm 1/3 F1.2 Auto-Iris Monofocal Lens,DC.1 4 - Ricoh. 1991 LX series − the industry's first 1/3auto iris lens introduced. 1993 PENTAX
branding first 1998 The industry's first 1/4CS mount lens series introduced.Fujinon - 123 Security Products. Items 1 - 15 of 33 Fujinon offers a large array of CCTV lens products. Your Search. Camera
Lenses Fujinon YV2.2X1.4A-SA2 1/3-inch 1.4-3.1mm F1.4 Fish-Eye DC Auto-
Iris Vari-Focal Lens 1/3-inch 2.8-8mm DC Auto-Iris Wide-Angle Lens, CS
Mount Fujinon YV4.3x2.8SA-2 3 Megapixel Manual Iris Lens, 2.8-12mm.HD Vari-Focal (2.8 - 12mm) - CCTV Center. Lens. Vari-Focal. Wide Angle. DC Auto Iris. CS Mount. Metal Mount. ND Filter.
Long Cable. RoHS. Compliant Zoom. Manual. Focus. Manual. Iris. Auto (DC
type)*1. Angle Of View. (H×V). 1/3". WIDE. 100°02' × 74°03'. TELE φ 19 φ. 28.
3.8. 57. 5.4(MAX.) 1:1.4/2.8-12mm. Applicable camera. (model). 1/3 1/4. 1/2. 2/
31.Surveillance Camera Lens : Secucam CCTV and surveillance . Products 1 - 18 of 18 LEN 0612 Format 1/3" Mount CS Focal length(mm) 6 Aperture 1.4 Angle of View
48.6 M.O.D $18.00. Buy Now · 8mm Fixed focal, Manual Iris CS CCTV Camera
Lens Zoom 6-16mm F1.4 1/3" CCTV Video Camera LENS Model No 2.8-
12mm Soest Auto-Iris Varifocal DC 1/3" CCTV Camera LENS.Security Camera Lenses - A1 Security Cameras. 1/3"; 2.8-12mm Varifocal; DC Auto Iris; Megapixel Lens. Add to Cart 3MP; 3.1~
8mm; 1/2.8" CCD; CS-Mount; Auto P-iris, Manual Zoom and Focus. Add to Cart.CCTV Calculators - Security Camera Systems. CT281231. 2.8 - 12mm COMPUTAR Vari-Focal Lens, Auto-Iris, DC Drive. Image
of DC SEIKO 10-200mm Motorised Zoom Lens 480TVL 4-9mm Auto Iris IR
Dome Security Camera. AUCD-49AIR . 2.8mm, Manual Iris, F1.2, CS Mounted
Lens. 1/3 Inch Sony CCD Security Camera with built in IR. CCTV Calculators
Varifocal Auto Iris 2.8-12mm Cctv Lens - Alibaba. HD 2mp F1.4 cs mount 1/3" DC varifocal auto iris 2.8-12mm cctv lens CCTV
Lens 2.8-12mm Varifocal Auto Iris Infrared CCTV Camera Lens Varifocal 2.8-
12mm Auto Iris Motorized CCTV M12 Zoom Lens, 1/3 Board . 2.0MP Fixed Iris
M14 HD 5-50mm Varifocal IR cctv Lens,F1.4,manual focus zoom,view angle Computar Lens - CCTV Security Camera and Surveillance Equipment. Computar Lens. T2Z2814CS 2.8~6mm f1.4 1/3" H1214FICS CS-mount 12mm
f1.4 1.2" 5.7~34.2mm f1.0 Manual Zoom w/ Auto Iris DC type CS-mount CCTV Terri NEW colour sections. 1/3”, 2.8-12mm, f1.4, CS 1/3MANUAL IRIS LENSES - VARIABLE FOCAL -
ASPHERICAL that easily integrates in all aspects of CCTV surveillance and
You can use a larger format lens on a smaller format camera but not the other
way same degree as that of an Auto Iris Lens. .. DC Drive to Video Drive
Converter.Computar CCTV Lenses - Megapixel and FA - AG4Z1214FCS-MPIR . Basler - Area Scan Ace Series Camera · acA640-750uc 1/2" 4-8mm f1.4
Varifocal, Manual Iris Megapixel (C Mount) Low Distortion. E24Z1018DC-MP 1/
1.8" 3 Megapixel IR, C Mount, 10-240mm 24X DC Auto Iris Zoom Lens 1/3" 2.8-
12mm f1.3 Varifocal, DC Auto Iris (CS Mount) Day/Night IR HG3Z4512FCS-IRCCTV LENS - i2S Vision. FUJINON CCTV LENS. Identification 24/7 products from fixed focal cameras to
zoom lenses. If lenses for camera 3 and 1.3 Megapixel types in 1/2" and 1/3"
day 1.4. 1.8. 2.7. 1.4∼3.1. 1.4∼3.1. 0.1. 0.1. 0.2. 0.2. 0.2. C. C. C. CS. CS. 140.
135 DC Auto Iris, CS Mount. Y F. *. *. −. 2.8. SA2. Fixed focal. Focal length.High Resolution Lens Series - TAMRON BIZ. Tamron's High Resolution IR Vari-Focal Lenses incorporate Aspherical elements
and LD 1/4. 1/3. CS. 2.8-12mm. 1.4-Close. 97.4白72.5°. 24.1白18.1°. 72.5白
54.1° Zoom. Iris. Model. Image. Imager Size. Mount. Focal Length. Zoom Ratio
DC Auto Iris. Manual Iris. DC Auto Iris. Fixed-Focal Lenses. 1/3. 1/3. 1/3. 1/3. 1/
3.CCTV Lens - 2FINE, CCTV Camera, DVR Manufacturer. ○DC Drive,f=3.5-18mm,F1.4 ○C ○2.8-12mm,Manual Iris ○CS Mount,F1.4,1/
3" IR ○Fixed Focus Auto Iris Lens TF-RV03509M ○Multi-point ZoomingSecurity camera, Cameras and Boxes on Pinterest. R-Tech Varifocal 1/3" 6.0-60mm Auto Iris Camera Lens CS Mount for
Surveillance New 6mm~15mm Vari-Focal Lens, MANUAL IRIS F1.4-C, CS
mount, w/Lock Screws. Vari-Focal CCTV CS Lens 6-60 mm F1.6 DC-Auto Iris
for Security Camera .. Q1C1 2.8~12mm Vari Focal 1/3" Auto Iris Surveillance
Camera Lens by.CCTV SYSTEM PRODUCT GUIDE. Computar lenses and. Ganz CCTV products? There's something rather special
about Computar lenses and Ganz CCTV products. . TG3Z2910FCS-IR. 1.0-360.
98.3-35.2º. 1/3". 33.5x46.6x44.3. 47g. 2.8-12mm .. FA Megapixel Macro Manual
Zoom Lens CS Mount 4-8mm Varifocal Megapixel Direct Drive Auto Iris Lens.Federal Supply Schedule Price List - GSA Advantage. CCTV Cameras & Monitors CBC America (Lenses, FC & ZC-D5000 Series
Cameras): Made in Japan 1/3" 12.5-50mm f1.4, Day/Night IR, DC Auto-iris, 3
megapixel, CS-mount (#AG4Z1214FCS-MPIR) TG4Z2813AFCS-IR 1/3" 2.8-
12mm f1.3 A/I, Day/Night IR . 1/3" 5.7-34.2mm f1.0 manual zoom with A/I DC (
CS-Mount).LENS INFORMATION. This shows that by using a 4mm lens on a 1/3" camera, the field of view (
horizontal) will be 63°. The monitor . 1/3" Auto Iris Direct Drive (CS Mount
unless specified). VANTAGE - 3 2.8-12mm f1.4-360 Varifocal DC Iris 26cm CS.
310-0191 . 8-48mm f1.0-720 AI 6x Manual Zoom C Mount (ND Spot Filter) +
plug. 1/2" Auto 2.8-12mm DC Auto Iris Varifocal Lens - 1/3 Format, CS Mount, F1.4 . Customers Who Viewed This Product Also Viewed. 2.8-12mm DC Manual Iris
Varifocal Lens - 1/3 Format, CS Mount, F1.4 L-2.8-12 (H-N-7) $37.50.Tamron CCTV - Atlantek Vision. Motorized Zoom Lenses (Video Auto Iris) w/Presets for Focus/Zoom. Fixed-Focal
Tamron's 1/3" format 2.8mm, 4mm, 6mm and 8mm lenses are precisely Auto
Iris (DC/IR Corrected). Auto Iris (Video). Manual Iris. 8~16mm. 6~12mm. 2.8~ .
25mm. 50mm. 1.4~22. 1.4~22. 2.8~32. 43. 07 ADVANCED CCTV LENSES. 08.YAMANO CCTV LENS CATALOGUE. CONTENTS. 3. 4. Lens for Thermal Camera サーマルレンズ. 新製品のご案内
NIR Corrected Zoom Lens 近赤外対応ズームレンズ. 21 f=2.8-12mm Auto Iris.
Auto Focus. Y10Z85RHM. 3 Motors. Y10Z85RHMP. Y10Z85RHMIP C / CS
with CS adapter). 8.5 - 85.0 mm. 1 : 1.5. F1.5 - 12. 1.8 m. DC 8V-12V Manual
Focus.SECURITY PRODUCTS CCTV LENSES. Intelligent Auto Focus Motorized Zoom Lens: Cable Connection. 34. Feature. 35
. 1.4kg. Compatible with. CCTV cameras, VCH-90S. VCHO-15S series, VCHO-
14. Option . DC Auto Iris. Manual. Focus. Manual. Manual. Manual. Manual.
Zoom . 1/3". Mount. CS. CS. CS. CS. Focal Length. 3.1-9mm. 2.8-9mm. 2.8-
12mm.Price List - Galaxy Integrated Technologies, Inc. Lens, 1/3-inch format varifocal zoom auto iris CS-mount. $ 224 varifocal
zoom, 2.8-. 12mm manual iris, 2.8-12mm F/1.4-2.7 auto 15-50MM F1.5 DC AI
. Spectra HD cameras. 4 alarms, 2 auxiliaries. Includes. USB cable adapters. $
81.YV4.3×2.8SA-SA2 1 - ALLNET Shop. Wide f2.8-12mm range accommodates various applications. FUJINON CCTV
LENS. For Security. Vari-Focal. YV4.3×2.8SA-SA2 1. 1. 4. 2. 3. 1. 2. 1. 3. For
Megapixel. Camera. Metal Mount. CS Mount. ND Filter. DC Auto Iris. Long Cable.
Aspherical Lens. 2.8∼12(4.3×). F1.4 ∼ T360(Equivalent to F360). Manual.
Manual.C and CS mount CCTV security camera lenses | CCTV Camera . Focus · C/CS Mount · 3.5-8mm Varifocal CCTV Lens with Auto-Iris COR-358MP
lens CS-mount megapixel lens designed for megapixel cameras with CS-style
lens mount. Auto iris 1/3" image format / Varifocal / Auto Iris Lenses. CS-mount
autoiris, varifocal lens with DC control 2.8-12mm Manual Iris Varifocal Lens Techical Information - Ricoh Imaging. The first worldwide Cosmicar auto-iris CCTV lens with CDS sensor. 1964. The
Asahi Development and launch of the first C-Mount Lens for a 2/3“ camera.
1990 Fixed Focal Length With Lock Screws And Manual Iris . . Manual Zoom
Lenses . .. C70223HK TS4V214ED. (DG). 1/3'' CS. 2.8 - 12.0mm 1.4 - 360 DC.
0.25m.Vari-Focal - MaxxVision. Fish-Eye. Vari-Focal. Zoom. Fixed Focal. CCTV Lenses Catalog Ver. 6.0
cameras and lenses with super zoom (eg: 60x), long focal length (eg: 2200 mm)
or high 2.8x. 3.3x. 4.3x. 22x. 32x. 55x. 60x. 20mm. 10mm. 1.4mm 3.1mm.
1000mm . Vari-Focal Wide Angle DC Auto Iris CS Mount Metal Mount ND Filter
Long Cable.HD-SDI Cameras 1080p / SMPTE 292M HD-SDI DVRs 1080p . 12 Jan 2013 CS MOUNT - 1/3" DC Auto Iris, Asferical Varifocal Lens. Megapixel
Recommended for C20 SDI Camera. 1/3". 2.8~12mm / F1.2. DC Iris. LVC- 2017 hot 1/2.7inch F1.85 Mega Pixels manual cctv zoom lens 2.8 . 3 days ago 2017 hot 1/2.7inch F1.85 Mega Pixels manual cctv zoom lens 2.8mm SS274 -
LENS cctv camera 540tvl 4-9mm varifocal lens m12 auto iris 2.8-12mm
varifocal lens CS mount megapixel cctv lens IR lens for night vision.Zoom - SourceSecurity.com. Zoom: Manual. Focus: Manual. Iris: Manual. Operation Temperature: -10 ~ +50°C
C 11 5.6 2.8 6~12mm F1.4CS-Mount. Compatible with 1/2”, 1/3”, & 1/4”
Cameras. 4 4. Vari-Focal. 1/3DC Auto-Iris with 4-pin. 1.6~3.4mm F1.4CS-
Mount None. Mount: CS-Mount. (Adjustable Lens Position). Size, Approx.
Weight:.Lenses - Dallas security camera installation, Dallas CCTV installer . DC auto IRIS Lens, Vari-Focal 3.5~8 mm, F1.4-360, CS 1/3, view 78.9-34.7. DC
Auto Iris CS Mount Lens for CCD Camera - 2.8mm, 1/3", F1.4-360 1/3 2.8-
12mm Varifocal DC Auto Iris Megapixel Lens. 1/3" Vari-focal Zoom Lens, 8X,
Silver. DLI-0412, Manual Iris CS Mount Lens - 04mm, Manual Iris CS Mount
Lens for Security Driven by Intelligence. - Ganz Security. Lens. 3.3-12mm, F1.4 Auto-iris. Power Supply. 24V AC ± 10% 60Hz ± 1Hz / 12V
DC ± 10%, UL listed 1/3” High sensitivity digital sensor (True WDR models). •
3.3-12mm ANALOG CAMERAS. Indoor and Outdoor PTZ Cameras. 4. IR PTZ
Dome Zoom. 12x optical 10x digital. 27x optical & 12x digital. Mount. Surface.Varifocal Lenses from Fujinon Samsung Auto Iris Direct Drive Security. Items 1 - 17 of 58 Sovereign International Ltd CCTV Distributor Panasonic Bosch Samsung Fujinon
. Fujinon YV2.7x2.2SA-SA2 1/3" Vari-Focal 3 Megapixel DC auto iris Lens CS
Mount. Fujinon YV2.8x2.8LA-2 1/3" Vari-Focal Manual Iris Lens 2.8~12mm
Focal length. F1.4~C Iris range. 4k optical 6 x zoom lens.Pentax Line of CCTV Lenses - Quality with Reliability | Surveillance . 8 Oct 2008 Monofocal Lenses. Monofocal Manual Iris Lens. C60402TH Monofocal Auto-
Iris (DC) Lens. C70210DCPS 1/3″, 2.8-12mm, F1.4-360, CS-Mount, w/
Connector Motorized Zoom & Focus, Auto-Iris Lenses (Video). 3056-F Share
? « Murders Prompt Use of Surveillance Cameras in Southwest Fresno.Computar Lenses | AES - Adept Turnkey. Computar manufacture a wide range of CCTV lenses for security, industrial and
machine Their range includes C and CS mount lenses with manual, auto-iris
and motorised zoom controls. H1212FI, 1/2", C, 12mm, Manual, f1.2, 0.2
TG2Z2814 FCS/AFCS -2, 1/3", CS, 2.8 - 6.0mm, DC / Video, f1.4, 0.3
CAMERAS.Varifocal Auto Iris Security Camera Lenses - Varifocal - Apex CCTV. Wide Selection of Varifocal Auto Iris Security Camera Lenses, Same Day
Shipping, Top Lens Zoom 2.8-12mm; Auto-Iris; Varifocal; F1.4; CS Lens
Mount ANALOG LENSES - ACCESSORIES - Global Network Security. ANALOG LENSES. 10 Item(s). Show 2.8-12mm Manual Iris • F1.4 Iris Range
2812AVF. • 2.8-12mm DC Auto IrisF1.4 Iris Range • 1/3" Format • CS Mount.cctv price list (800kb pdf) - Ikegami.com. 1 Sep 2016 For Price & Availability : CCTV@ikegami.com . 2.8mm‐12mm, 1.3MP, F1.2,
Varifocal Lens. Zoom: 20X Optical, f=4.7-94mm, 10 Super IRs, 0Lux, up to
100m ISD-A15 True Day Night Camera.1/3-inch DPS CMOS sensor. ..
VARIFOCAL DC AUTO IRIS LENS, 4 - 12 mm - C mount - F1.2 - 360 - IR- C Mount Lens: Cameras & Photography | eBay. Find great deals on eBay for C Mount Lens in Camera Lenses. Shop with
25mm f/1.4 1/2" C Mount CCTV Lens Body for Micro 4/3 M43 Sony NEX camera.2010 cctv lenses - Zone Technology. Iris. Iris. Model. Zoom. Lens. Format. Length. Range. Operation. Number. Ratio.
Mount. MEGAPIXEL VARI-FOCAL LENS SERIES. 1/3". 2.2-6mm. F1.3. Manual.
YV2.7x2.2SA- 1/3". 2.8-12mm. F1.4. Manual. YV4.3x2.8SA-2. 4.3x. CS. DC
Auto. YV4.3x2.8SA-SA2L* FUJINON Lens Series for Day/Night Cameras. Day/
Night Accessories - Camera Lenses - Page 1 - CoviSec. (LENS2.8-12DC) 2.8-12mm Lens for CS Mount Cameras. Quick View (LENS5-
100ADC) 5-100mm Power Zoom Auto Iris CCTV Lens for CS Mount Cameras.
$54.00 FUJINON Fish-eye vari-focal, 1/3", f1.4-3.1 mm (2.2x), F1.4 - T360.
$169.20 SLA-3580DN 1/3" DC Varifocal Auto iris 3.5~8mm F1.0 CS-mount.
$54.00.Hot News 2009 - Tovit Video Systems. 10 May 2013 11mm manual lens for 1/1.7" 10 megapixel cameras C mount. auto iris (DC)
zoom 7.8-63mm for 1/2" 1.3 megapixel cameras CS YV3.3x15HR4A-SA2,
CCTV lens 2.2-6mm f1.3 varifocal autoiris (DC) lens for 1/3" 3 megapixel CS
1/4" color camera with Exview CCD 530 lines with 36x optical and 12x 2012 CCTV Cameras - Ameba Technology Inc.. NTSC: 1/60 PAL: 1/50 (Manual: shutter/AGC) TP-750 THEONE 700TVL Color
SONY DWDR Day/Night Bullet Camera. Features 2.8 ~ 12mm Auto Iris
Varifocal lens. Color by day and . I User-friendly external adjustment for zoom 8t
focus. .. CL-soiso 1/3“ Vari-Focal Lens, 6.0~15mm, Auto Iris F1.4, cs mount, DC
Drive.NETTOSECURITY - Lenses. Cod: VZ164 1/3” varifocal, 1.6-3.4mm/F1.4, AUTOMATIC IRIS, CS mount. Cod:
VZ282A-IR Varifocal Lenses 2.8-12mm - DC Autoiris Drive - F-Stop 1.4 - 360 - C..
1/2” motorized zoom, 15X Varifocal 8-120 mm/F1.8, auto iris, DC Driver,
motorize. 2/3” megapixel lens 8mm/F1.4, manual Iris and focus, C-Mount Lens.Auto CCTV Lens,Surveillance Equipment,CCTV Systems,USB . Products 1 - 8 of 10 With the auto iris lens, we do not to manual adjust the focus again and Auto
Aperture Varifocal Zoom 3.5-8mm F1.4 1/3 inch CS Security Focal Length(mm)
Aperture(f) Mount Image Format Angle of View vs0284NB 2.8mm F1.2 CS/DC
2.8-12mm F1.4 CS/DC 1/3 115-25 VS0660GNB 6.0-60mm F1.4 CCTV (Camera Lenses) | Geekcom Technologies. Items 1 - 10 of 22 CCTV (Camera Lenses) offered by Geekcom Technologies. Casey DC AUTO
IRIS Manual FOCUS 8mm,Focal Lenght:8MM Format:1/3 of View: 80 - 36 deg
Max apeture ratio: 1:1.4 Manual zoom, focus, iris, Retail Box, 1 Year warranty
Intellinet 1/3" CS MOUNT 2.8mm - 12mm Vari-Focal Lens F1.4 2.8-12mm Auto-Iris Varifocal 3-Megapixel CCTV Lens 1/2.7inch F1.4 . Microseven offers megapixel lenses for wireless network cameras and video
2.8-12mm Auto-Iris Varifocal 3-Megapixel CCTV Lens 1/2.7inch F1.4 Wide DC-
IRIS; IR Collection; 1/2.7" Vari-Focal Lens; Focal Length: 2.8mm - 12 mm;
Aperture Ratio: 1:1.4; TV Distortion: 1/2.8" 1080P - 15% (Wide); Mount type: CS;
Auto Iris CCTV Camera Lens - Security Camera 2000. 6mm F1.8 MTV Lens 1/3 Inch 3MP for CCTV Security Camera. US$15.00 . 1/3''
2.8mm-12mm CS Auto IRIS Lens for CCTV Box Camera. US$32.00 US$19.00.Pentax CCTV Lens Catalog - Bock Optronics. Manual Zoom Lens UV Lens. 5 Mega-Pixel Lens. Mega-Pixel Lens. Monofocal
Manual Iris Lens As a leading manufacturer of CCTV Lenses, PENTAX
provides a diversified .. 1.4-16. 1.6-16. 2.8-22. 2.8-32. 1.6-C. 1.2-C. 1.2-22. 2.8-
16. 3.8-16. 1.4-C . High resolution optics compatible with C-mount 3CCD
cameras.Why choose Computar lenses and Ganz CCTV products?. Developing Ganz Label. 4. CS Mount Cameras. ZC-Y Series. ZC-NH258P. ZC-
NH258PM Motorised Zoom Lenses . 1/3" IT CCD, complementary colour
mosaic filter. 752(H) . varifocal lens (ZC-D5212PHA) or 2.9 - 2.8mm auto iris
varifocal . 3.3mm - 12mm. 1:1.4. F1.4 - F360 (DC auto iris). 125.7˚ ~ 29.9˚. 89.8˚
~ 23.9˚.CCTV SPECS. Name: LPR-type high-resolution color camera Pickup device: 1/3 "SONY Color
CCD image, 25 million pixels the electronic shutter - automatic mode, flashing
mode, fixed, manual Waterproof grade IP 67 / DC-12V (with stand) CS Mount
IR Lens Horizontal Resolution: 700 TV lines Lens: 2.8 ~ 12mm F1.4 Auto Iris.p1ol - Computar Global Brand Center. 0 Manual, DC auto iris and P-iris models are available. Megapixel . Fomat(") 1/3
. Mount CS. Focal length(mm) 2.8-12mm. Aperture(F) F1 .5-F360. Angle of view ZeroWire.in - Lowest price CCTV cameras in Pune, Mumbai, Satara . Zero Wire is one of the biggest supplier of cctv cameras in Pune Mumbai Goa
Nasik 4. Eyeball Dome Camera (Model : TED-NT-24D80-I41 / TEM-Ez218-I42
+) Vision, 6 mm Lens, 1/3" Colour Sony CCD, 480 TVL, 0.5 Lux/ F1.2, 36 IR
LEDs. . (1/3" Colour, Vari Focal, AUTO Iris, DC-Drive, CS-Mount Lens, 2.8-8 mm
).Fujinon CCTV Lens Catalog - Fujifilm USA. Vari-Focal. Zoom. CCTV Lenses Catalog 2012 for Security & Surveillance . size
1/3 f=2.8-12mm F1.4 - T360. Operation. Zoom. Manual. Focus. Manual. Iris.
Auto (DC type)*1 2.8 ×. 2.7 ×. 3 ×. 1 2/3 1/2 1/3 1/4. Applicable camera. (model)
. 1 2/3 Vari-Focal Wide Angle DC Auto Iris CS Mount Metal Mount ND Filter.Price list - ComX Computers. DS-1633ZJ R 351 Hikvision Corner Mount Bracket for PTZ Cameras . VI-LN-
550 R 1,355 VIVOTEK - Lens 5-50mm, F1.6, DC-Iris, CS- mount lens, For 1/3 ,
CS mount, 1.3MP 10x, f=5~50mm, F1.6, Manual zoom/focus, DC IRIS 524407
R 272 Intellinet 1/3" CS MOUNT 2.8mm - 12mm VARI-FOCAL LENS F1.4, Field of
Megapixel S-Mount(M12x0.5) Board Lenses manufacturer - quality . 1/3" 1.05mm 10Megapixel M12X0.5 mount 202degrees IR Fisheye lens · China 1
/2.6&quot 1/2.3" 2.8mm 16Megapixel M12x0.5 Mount wide angle lens for
GOPRO cameras . 1/2.7" 2.8-12mm F1.4 Megapixel CS-mount DC Auto IRIS
Vari-focal IR Lens 1/3" 5.8-58mm F1.3 CS-mount Manual Iris Vari-focal CCTV
Lens.HD 5.0Megapixel Motorized Varifocal 6-22mm CCTV Lens HD For . 6 Jul 2016 1/2.5 1/3 1/4 Short Long Short Long Short Long D 58 20.4 46.5 18 34.5 12.6 H
3.0 Megapixel fixed iris HD CCTV camera lens 2.8-12mm/varifocal IR HD security
camera lens/manual zoom & focus M12 F1.4 1/2.7"USD 8.79/piece Auto Iris 2.8
-12mm 2megapixel varifocal IR metal CS lens with Japan